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June 18, 2009




June 17, 2009

…hopefully tomorrow

First Cassie now this?

June 16, 2009

Come onnnnnnnn….. QUIT IT!


Lala Vasquez aka Soon to be Mrs. Melo has jumped on the Cassie trend and shaved half her head… lost half her mind if you ask me, but o well. She looks better than Cassie with it if you ask me… 

-KNGSRW has undergone yet another facelift… this one is for the better!

June 16, 2009

2 days until we are up and running… maybe sooner

Sports with fonz: Los Angeles Lakers world Champs!!!

June 15, 2009


Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, and the Los Angele’s Laker’s. For another Championship under there belt, for the franchise it becomes there 14Th title. And for Kobe it becomes his 4Th one, and for Phil it’s number 10 the most in  N.B.A history. After all the rebuilding the Laker’s did after the lose of Shaq, and all the trades that happened, rumors of Kobe leaving L.A. they still gathered up a Championship caliber team, and probably the best benches in the N.B.A. 

Now the question is, will Phil Jackson’s health allow him to return for another season.  Or will Kobe and Laker’s have all the pieces to repeat?  With that being said there will be a lot of contract negotiation’s going on, especially with Ariza who played a big part of Laker’s success.     98,00,01,02,09……CHAMPS!!!!!!

The Fonz

HAHAHAHA People say the darndest things (online)…

June 15, 2009




Quick Pick: Supanatra is Back

June 15, 2009


My homie Sinatra one of the hardest working artist in the Cap City has blessed the Roll the window up Remix by Nipsey Hussle. Check out the track and dont forget to also peep his Gangsta grillz Black Trash Bags Story hosted by the one and only Dj Drama Dj Sense.The First Columbus Aritst with a Gangsta Grill might I add sir…

Roll the Windows Up Remix

Dez Arnez