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30 Days of Sound: FLY DOT U “Where dreams come true”…

January 3, 2009
“Everybody says, ‘Oh, they bringing back the ’80s.’ No. I am just wearing pants that fit.
– Jerreau, member of Fly Union


Go In…

Coming to America…

These dudes are like fam. I’ve been trying to get everyone hip to their music for some time now, but yall didn’t listen. They are doing big things for the city of Columbus and if it wasn’t hip-hop wasn’t on cardiac arrest they probably would be in your tape deck on your ipod right now. You know how I know this? Because they had a song named “Dumb Down” WAYYYY before Lupe decided to make it famous. I am going to go out on a limb and say Lupe stole it! But don’t fret, you can listen to the original Dumb it Down and download 2 Mixtapes after the break. 

Oh and ps. look for the KINGSROWE x FLY.U big huge free concert coming in SPRING 09. YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS IS… trust me…

Bio, more music and mixtapes after the break…


Dumb Down
New Dope
Honest, direct, and sincere – that defines the music and brand of the newest lifestyle movement hitting college campuses, major urban epicenters, and internet blogs worldwide. Meet the group you will never forget: Fly Union.
Named one of the nation’s top bands to watch in 2008 by URB magazine, the Atlantis Music Conference, and Columbus Alive Magazine, as well as recently being selected as a Mountain Dew artist of the week, the Ohio natives are well on their way to critical, commercial, and financial success. Lyricists Jerreau Smith and L. To Tha  along with producers JSwifa and Iye, have set their mark on being the most successful recording act of their generation; modeling themselves as the 21st Century version of the iconic band the Beatles. Not only in music, but how the Beatles changed the entire entertainment landscape with everything they created. From attracting the most fanatical admirers, to changing history on how documentary movies and animated movies were made, to creating new images each decade in style, just as the Beatles defined a generation, Fly Union is setting out to do the same with their generation and take the combination of groundbreaking music and branding to heights unseen in recent memory.
Since their first compilation release in early 2007, entitled “Kill Fly U”, the crew has been busy touring everywhere from college campuses, to arenas opening up for N.E.R.D and Lupe Fiasco, all the way to hosting their fans at sneaker boutique “open mics” across the states. The focus of Fly Union is creating a lifestyle brand; whether it’s their fly boy trademark, their innovative music or their unique fashion sense, Fly.U plans to be an aspirational brand that represents ingenuity, positivity, and authentic style. Fly Union sums up their feelings about their brand and their impact on society like this:
“We had a dream to do music and to get out of the current situation we were in …It’s like there’s no other place we would rather be”



Mick Boogie x Fly.U Present: Closed doors, Open Windows




Fly.Union Presents: Kill Fly.U


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